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What to wear for your photo session

So, you’ve booked your photographer and now you might be wondering what to wear for your photo session! I know what a daunting feeling that can be! After a number of years taking photos, I’ve learnt a bit about what works well and what doesn’t work in a photo.

Ultimately, the most important thing is to look like yourselves & feel as comfortable as possible! So, if that means wearing something new that you love, great! Or if it means wearing something you’ve had for years and feels like you, that’s great too.


Family photo of four at the beach.

Make it practical

Think about the environment & season we’ll be shooting in. In spring and the autumn, the temperature can vary a great deal so embrace the layers and wear practical footwear. 

After having planned everyone’s outfits, you don’t want to have to cover it with a coat you weren’t expecting to wear, or end up taking off the coat which you had planned! So think about both situations and if you’re able to layer up enough to remove the need for coats completely, even better! (Chunky knits look amazing in the autumn!)


The smaller or more subtle, the better! Big, loud, crazy patterns draw attention away from your faces – ‘I’m not fussed about the attention being on my face!’ I hear you cry, well what about your loved ones?
The same goes for stripes, large logos or characters – the result can really fight for your attention and are best avoided.

Subtle prints, patterns & florals can look beautiful when mixed with more plain clothing. For example, a floral dress or a flannel shirt can act as a great focal item. Once you have a focal item selected, pull colours from it for the remaining outfits & accessories.


Earthy tones are always a winner. A great way to start is to consider the colours of the season. In the autumn, reds, oranges & browns are often the backdrop to a woodland shoot so anything that complements these colours will be great. Think warm neutrals, creams, tan, orange, mustard yellows and browns. Navy blues, greys and warm berry colours also look lovely at this time of year. For a beach shoot, softer tones work really well like cream, light blues, soft greens and white as well as soft pinks. These colours tend to work with the natural elements rather than compete with them. 

New parents with baby

Co-ordinating, not matchy-matchy

Whilst it can look cute to have your littles (or whole family!) in matching outfits, I tend to suggest going for co-ordinating outfits, not matching ones. This looks less contrived and allows for your individuality to come across in the photos.

Still stuck?

Hopefully that’s given you a few pointers and maybe a clearer idea of a few things to avoid. If you’re still unsure or really feeling stuck, please drop me a message or feel free to send me a photo of what you’re thinking! Above all else, the main concern is for you to feel comfortable!